2014 / 2015 Honda Urban SUV

2014 / 2015 Honda Urban SUV, Honda proclaimed entry into the compact SUV idea automobile launch Urban SUV at the motorcar Show in Motor City. The automobile uses the platform next-generation Jazz models, and also the European market ought to seem 2015th year. The idea 2015 Honda Urban SUV shows a transparent subtle vogue, dynamic character and robust stance, with hidden rear door handles that provide the auto model sounds like a auto. Vehicle supported this idea can seem within the U.S. in 2014. the year within which it'll feature associate degree economical Earth Dreams Technology and also the worth are going to be positioned below the CR-V models. below honda urban SUV pictures

Concept 2015 Honda Urban SUV announces the rhetorical options of a future production model, with several recurvate lines, low roofline and lowered silhouette. Honda describes the automobile as “a dynamic and gaudy however spacious and useful.” Hidden rear door handles produce the impression of a motorcar in profile.

2015 Honda Urban SUV is 4300mm long, that is nearly 23cm shorter than the Honda CR-V, and can be within the catalog of the manufacturer placed beneath this huge sales hit. Honda says that 2015 Honda Urban SUV idea are the idea for “small, economical SUV fun to drive, with a whole package for future generation of property, so as to satisfy customers’ active lifestyles.”

The New 2015 Honda Urban SUV is probably going to be near the line-out of the neo jazz model, from that it'll be transferred to the system of “magic seats”, that is the chance of the preparation of seats in numerous configurations. Sales in Japan beginning this year, followed by North America in 2014. , and eventually Europe.